Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Choose the Gmail inbox that suits you

Gmail has several options for displaying your inbox. Each inbox type sorts and displays your mail differently. You can use either an inbox style, or inbox tabs and categories (you cannot use both). Experiment until you find the one that suits you best!

Inbox styles

Use Inbox styles to display your unread, important or starred emails at the top of the inbox. You can also display all three sections using the Priority Inbox style. The screenshots below give you a preview of what you can achieve with Inbox styles.

Important first

Gmail Important first inbox style

Unread first

Gmail Unread first inbox style

Starred first

Gmail Starred first inbox style

Priority Inbox

Gmail Priority Inbox

To change the style of your Inbox:
1. Hover your mouse over the Inbox label until a drop-down arrow appears to the right. Click the arrow.
2. Hover over the different inbox styles to learn more about them.
3. Click the style you want to use to select it.
Learn more about inbox styles here.

Note: To achieve an inbox sorted only by date, select the Default inbox style and turn off all the tabs and categories (see instructions in the next section).

Inbox tabs and categories

The default look for new Google Apps accounts is tabs and categories. This sorts your mail into tabs called Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Google then automatically sorts email into each tab based on the content. You can educate Google on how to sort your mail by moving messages between tabs. An example of a inbox using tabs and categories is shown below:

Gmail categories inbox style

If you do not like using Inbox tabs and categories, you can turn it off by disabling all the tabs (refer to the steps below).

To configure inbox tabs and categories
1. Click the Cog button > Configure inbox.
2. Tick the categories you want to use as tabs in your inbox (untick them all to remove the tabs completely).
3. Click Save.

Learn more about inbox tabs and category labels, including how to move messages between tabs, here.


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