Tuesday, 27 May 2014

5 tips for making-over a Google Doc

Google Docs is a powerful tool for collaboration and a very solid word processor. However, some people think it lacks the features needed to produce professional and aesthetically-pleasing documents. Not so! In this blog post we’ll share five tips for turning your Google Doc into a visual delight.

In the spirit of this post, we’ve put the five tips in a Google Doc to demonstrate each of the features. So visit our made-over Google Doc to learn how to add a page background colour, use tables to create backgrounds to headings, create and use customised styles, insert Google drawings, and create a fancy table of contents using bookmarks.

Visit the Google Doc now!

1 comment:

  1. I almost exclusively use Google Docs these days and love it. Thanks for your post, love the tip on how to create backgrounds to headings, that's really cool! And I really love the tip about inserting a table in the footer, it's been bugging me for some time that I can't insert a footer when I've already inserted page numbers, fantastic idea!!! Thanks heaps.


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