Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Symphonical - fun & visual planning & task management

Symphonical is a planning and task management web app that is the digital equivalent of a giant whiteboard and lots of sticky notes. It is a great tool for both teachers, support staff and students to use to plan projects, brainstorm ideas and keep track of tasks (including homework!). Symphonical is also a collaborative tool, with the ability to share ‘walls’ (your whiteboards) with others and see everyone’s changes in real-time. There is also a very useful comments feed attached to each sticky note. Tasks can be assigned to individuals, which is great for planning group projects.

You can login to Symphonical with your Google Apps account. It also fully integrates with Google Hangouts, allowing you to collaborate on a wall during a Hangout.

There are several wall templates to help you get started. You can also completely customise the layout of your wall by adding, removing and renaming columns and rows.

How do I get it?

The free version is feature-rich and powerful. The quickest way to get started is to:
1. Visit the Symphonical website.
2. Click Sign-up > Connect with Google.

You will then be required to sign in to your Google account and/or grant permissions for Symphonical to access it. Once you have signed up, Chrome users can also install the Symphonical Chrome Web Store app to have quick access from the Chrome app launcher.

Simplify's tips

The colourful and visual layout of Symphonical makes it a very appealing way to plan manage tasks when compared to a traditional bulleted to-do list. It would be an easy and fun way to introduce students (particularly younger ones) to planning and tracking their work. For older students, it could also be structured to serve as a weekly study plan.

Where can I learn more?

Take the Symphonical tour for a preview of all this tool has to offer. You can also check out their video overview.


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