Thursday, 12 June 2014

Put a file in multiple Google Drive folders

Sometimes it’s useful to put a Google Drive file in multiple folders. For example, you may want to have an assignment document in a resources folder shared with your colleagues, and in your own folder for a specific class.

Putting a file in multiple folders was very intuitive in the old Google Docs interface (pre-Google Drive), however many people now think it is not possible. Not so! In fact, it is very simple.

The trick? Just use your control (Windows) or command (Mac) key when selecting folders using the ‘Move to’ option. See the instructions below for more detail.

1. Select the file you want to move.
2. Click the Move to button.


3. Select the first folder you want the file to be stored in.
4. Hold the control (Windows) or command (Mac) key and select the other folder(s) you want the file to be stored in.


Note: This process does not create multiple copies of the same file. Instead, the same file is just visible in multiple locations.

Nice and simple as promised! Happy filing!


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