Thursday, 3 July 2014

Right-side chat in Gmail

The standard position for the Hangouts (chat) box in Gmail is on the left of the screen, below your label list. If you have a lot of labels that you like to keep expanded, this can mean that your Hangouts box gets lost beneath the label list, and is not visible at all times. Fortunately, the Right-side chat Gmail lab can fix this problem!

This lab does exactly as the name suggests - it moves your Hangouts list to the right of the screen. This not only makes your chat list visible at all times, it also gives more room for your label list.

Here’s the difference:

Hangouts in the default location

Screen shot of chat in default position

Hangouts in the right-side location

Screenshot of chat in right side location

As you can see, the right-side location provides a much cleaner and clear division of the screen.

To enable Right-side chat

1. Click the Settings cog button > Settings.
2. Select the Labs tab.
3. Find and enable the Right-side chat lab.
4. Click Save.

Note: This lab works with both the old style chat and the new look Hangouts.


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