Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tab Scissors & Tab Glue

If you are a Google Chrome user who likes to use multiple windows or dual monitors, Tab Scissors and Tab Glue will be your new favourite Chrome extensions!

These two extensions work together to allow you to easily split your tabs into side-by-side windows, and join them back together when you’re finished with the dual view.

How do I get it?

You need to install both Tab Scissors and Tab Glue separately from the Chrome Web Store.

1. Visit Tab Scissors in the Chrome Web Store.
2. Install the extension.
3. Visit Tab Glue in the Chrome Web Store.
4. Install the extension.

How do I use it?

Tab Scissors works when you have more than two tabs open in the Chrome browser.

1. Have the tab you want to move to a new window open in Chrome.
2. Click the Tab Scissors icon in the Chrome toolbar (if you can’t see the icon, click the >> button to view a list of installed extensions).


3. Your tabs will be split into two windows and displayed side-by-side.
4. To remove the split, select the Tab Glue icon.

Enjoy cutting and pasting your Chrome tabs!


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