Friday, 1 August 2014

Get notified about Google Form submissions

Google forms are a quick and easy way to collect many kinds of information and data. However, it can often be useful to know when respondents have submitted their form, particularly if you need to take some action after the submission. The Google Sheets notifications feature can solve this problem by sending you an email when forms are submitted. You can choose to receive an email notification for each submission, or a daily digest of all submission received during that day.

Here’s how to set up notifications for your Google form.

1. Create your Google form.

2. Click the View responses button at the top of the form. The responses spreadsheet will open.

Screenshot of view responses button

Note: If you have not yet given your form a file name, this button may be called Choose response destination instead. If so, specify the destination as a spreadsheet.

3. Click the Tools menu and select Notification rules.

4. Select the option to be notified when A user submits a form.

5. Select the timing of notifications (straight away or a daily digest).

Screenshot of notification rules box

6. Click Save.

You will now receive an email notifying you when a form has been submitted.

Note: Notifications are only sent to the person who creates the notification rule. If multiple people need to be notified about form submissions, each person will need to create their own notification rule.

You can also use the notification rules feature to alert you when other changes are made to a spreadsheet. To learn more, see Google’s help article on notifications.


  1. I knew that this could be done somehow but couldn't figure out how... Thanks so much for sharing, hugely helpful for a form I've just set up!!!!

  2. Simplify Solutions18 September 2014 at 19:34

    Glad we could help you out Kati! Enjoy :-)


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