Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hide night timeslots in Google Calendar

Google Calendar displays one hour timeslots for every hour of the day. Many people never use some of those timeslots - particularly those in the middle of the night! The Hide morning and night calendar lab lets you hide those timeslots you rarely use. This means you only see the times where you usually have events, resulting in a much cleaner calendar. For those people who do have the occasional event during the night, you can still easily see when events are scheduled in hidden timeslots, and expand them with a click.

To enable Morning and night 

1. Click the Settings cog button > Settings.

2. Select the Labs tab.

3. Find and enable the Hide morning and night lab.

4. Click Save.

To configure Morning and night

1. Open your calendar. Notice that a horizontal grey line will appear before the 8am time slot, and before the 5pm time slot.

Hide morning and night grey bars

2. Drag the line up or down to set the area you want to hide.

3. Click the time slots above (AM) or below (PM) the horizontal line to hide the selected time slots.

Hide morning and night click to hide

4. To un-hide the timeslot, click on the collapsed timeslot to expand it.

Expand morning and night

Tip: If you have an event scheduled during a hidden timeslot, a summary of the event will be shown in the collapsed timeslot.

Hidden event


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