Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Merge or re-use slides from other presentations

The import slides feature in Google Slides is a great way to use existing slides from others presentations to build a completely new one. This is useful if you want to merge slides from several presenters into one presentation, or if you have created slides previously that you want to re-use. You can choose to import all the slides from another presentation, or just pick the specific ones you need.
This feature works with both Google and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can choose to keep the imported slide in its original formatting (ie. maintain the original colour scheme, fonts etc.) or update it to match the style used in the current presentation.

Follow the steps below to use the import slides feature:
1. Create a new presentation in Google Slides.
2. Click File > Import slides.
3. Select the presentation that has the slides you want to import.

- If it is a Google presentation: search for it in the Presentations section.
- If it is a PowerPoint presentation: upload it using the Upload section.

Import slide dialogue box

4. Click to select the slides you want to import. Click Select all if you want to use all the slides.
5. Choose if you want to keep the original theme.

Select slides to import

6. Click Import slides.

That’s it! The slides you have selected will now be part of your presentation.


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