Friday, 12 September 2014

Automatically decline calendar invitations during specific times

The Automatically declining events Google Calendar lab gives you the ability to automatically decline calendar invitations during specific time periods. This is great for those times when you will definitely not be attending meetings (think annual leave or professional development).

This lab works its magic by giving you an additional availability option when creating an event , called Busy (decline invitations). To put it to use, just create an event in your calendar to block out the time you’re unavailable, and select this new option. Here’s how to do it step-by-step:

To enable Automatically declining events

1. Click the Settings cog > Settings.

2. Select the Labs tab.

3. Find and enable the Automatically declining events lab.

Automatically declining events lab setting

4. Click Save.

To use Automatically declining events

1.Create a new calendar event at the time you are unavailable.

2. At the bottom of the event, select the Busy (decline invitations) option.

Busy - decline invitations option

3. Save the event.

Any calendar invitations for events during this time slot will now be declined automatically.


  1. My google calendar for work is auto declining calendar invites even though my calendar is shared with everyone in the company, and I do not have auto decline turned on. I also have not set hours during which I'm unavailable. Is this something I can fix or is it something that the organization will need to fix?

  2. Hi Carol. That seems a little odd. Here are a couple of things to try. If they do not help, I suggest contacting your organisation's IT team who can escalate the issue to Google.
    1. Disable the Automatically decline events lab completely (if it is not already).
    2. Check that the invitations are not being declined by another mail program (such as Outlook) or device (such as your phone) that is synced to your Google account.


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