Thursday, 30 October 2014

5 great add-ons for Google Forms

Google recently announced that add-ons are now available in Google Forms. This is exciting news, as it means there will be a growing number of extra features available to make your forms even more powerful. In this blog post, we share five of our favourite new Forms add-ons. You can find them all in the Forms add-ons store (just search for them by name).

1: Form Notifications

In a recent blog post, we explained how to setup notifications of form submissions. This add-on makes it even easier! You can now configure multiple email addresses to be notified when someone submits a form. You can also use this add-on to send an email to the respondent after they have submitted the form.

2: formLimiter

The formLimiter add-on lets you automatically close access to a Google Form after specific limits have been met. This can be when a maximum number of responses have been submitted, at a specific date and time, or when a designated value in a spreadsheet is met. You can also choose to be notified when the form has been closed and customise the message potential respondents see when it has closed.
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3: g(Math) for Forms

This add-on is great for anyone teaching maths! It let’s you build equations and complex math formulas and insert them into questions in your Google Form.

4: Choice Eliminator

Another simple add-on that is really useful. Choice Eliminator can remove a multiple-choice or checkbox option once it has been selected by one respondent. For example, if you wanted everyone to bring something different to an event, you can drop the choice from the list after one person has picked it.

5: Form Values

The Form Values add-on allows you to store lists of commonly-used question responses in a Google Sheet. You can then insert them as answer choices without having to re-type them every time.

These five add-ons are just the start! Be sure to check out the Forms add-ons store for more that might suit your needs.


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