Friday, 28 November 2014

Get organised with Google Keep

Google Keep is a simple but useful tool for keeping track of notes, lists and reminders. It can easily replace the handwritten to-do lists on your desk, or the sticky notes on your monitor! All Keep notes are stored in Google Drive for safekeeping. If you have an Android mobile device, all notes can be synced to the Keep app.  For those of you with iOS (Apple) devices, simply visit in your mobile browser to view your Notes. Google Keep notes can also be shared with others.

How do I get it?

To access Google Keep, simply visit and sign in with your Google account.

How do I use it?

The first time you access Google Keep, you will see some existing notes that share useful tips. Take a look at these to learn more about Keep.

Keep on first open

Navigating Keep

Click the Notes button in the top left corner to access the Keep menu. From here, you can view all notes, those with reminders, archived notes and deleted notes.

Notes button

To add a note

1. Click in the Add note box.

Add note box

2. Give your note a Title.

3. Add text in the body of the note OR click the list button (at the bottom of the note) to turn it into a check-list.

4. Use the Remind me button (finger icon) to set a reminder on the note.

5. Use the Colour button (paint palette icon) to change the background colour of the note.

6. Use the Add image button (image icon) to add an image to your note.

7. Click Done when you are finished.

Sharing notes

You can share individual Google Keep notes with other Google users. This gives them the ability to edit the shared note.
To share a note:

1. Click on the note to open.

2. Click the Share button (person with the + icon).

3. Enter the name or email address of the person you want to share the note with.

Share note

Note: Type a comma after the first name to add more collaborators.

4. Click Save.

The person will receive an email notifying them that you have shared the note. They will be able to open it in their Google Keep and make changes.

Archiving and deleting notes

When you are finished with a note, you can choose to either archive it or delete it. Archived notes are shown in the Archive section of Keep. Deleted notes go into Trash, and are permanently deleted after 7 days.

- To archive a note, click the Archive button (square with down arrow icon).
- To delete a note, click the button with three vertical dots, then select Delete note.

Delete notes menu

Learn more

To learn more about Google Keep, visit the Google Keep Help Centre. This also has information about using Keep on your mobile device.


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