Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Get extra fonts in Google Docs, Slides & Drawings

Google Docs, Slides and Drawings all come with a set of eight standard fonts. However, If you want to get creative with your formatting, you can add extra fonts from the huge range available in the Google Fonts library. They are all optimised for use on the web.

Here’s how to add extra fonts to Google Docs (once installed, they’ll be available in Slides and Drawings too):

1. Open any Google Doc.
2. Click the Font box in the menu bar.
3. Select More fonts.

4. Scroll through the list to find fonts you like. You can also use the Show and Sort buttons at the top to filter by font style, name, date and more.

5. When you find a suitable font, click it once to add it to your My fonts list. Repeat this for all the fonts you want to add.

6. Click OK when you’ve finished adding fonts. They will now be shown in the font list in Docs, Slides and Drawings.

A word of caution

Adding a large number of fonts can result in Docs, Slides and Drawings performing slowly. If you experience speed issues after installing lots of fonts, remove those you do not use regularly. Fonts can be removed by following steps 1 to 3 and then clearing them from the My fonts list.


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