Wednesday, 26 August 2015

5 speedy keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

Last month we shared five keyboard shortcuts to help you save time in Google Calendar. This month, we’ve got five Gmail shortcuts that will help you quickly get through all those emails in your Inbox!

Enable keyboard shortcuts

Before trying out the shortcuts below, you first need to make sure keyboard shortcuts are enabled in Gmail.  To check:

1. Click the Settings (cog) button in the top right corner of Calendar.
2. Select Settings from the menu.
3. Scroll down until you find the Keyboard shortcuts section.
4. Make sure Keyboard shortcuts on is selected, then select Save.

Get speedy!

Here are five shortcuts to try out:

ActionShortcut key
Compose a new emailc
Send an emailCtrl + Enter
(Cmd + Enter on Mac)
Add a CC recipientCtrl + Shift + C
(Cmd + Shift + C on Mac)
Archive the selected conversatione
Mark a message as unreadShift + u

Once you’ve mastered these, be sure to check out this complete list (from Google) of keyboard shortcuts for Gmail.


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