Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Explore nutrition with Google’s Nutrition Comparison tool

Is nutrition part of your lesson plans? If so, Google’s Nutrition Comparison tool can help! Your students can use this simple tool to quickly and easily compare the nutritional value of different foods. For example, you might want them to determine if a biscuit or a doughnut is a better choice for a snack.

Here's how to do it:

1. Open Google Search.

2. Type Compare biscuit and doughnut in the search box and press Enter.

A comparison table of the two foods will appear, showing the difference in calories between them.

From here, you can get your students to dig a lot deeper into the comparison by:

Using the drop-down field under the food image to change the type of that particular food (for example, ‘Doughnuts, with chocolate’ can be changed to ‘Doughnuts, with cream’). This is a good way for students to understand how different ingredients can change the nutritional value of foods.

Altering the ‘amount per’ field to different portion sizes (for example, 1 doughnut, medium). This is a useful lead-in to discussions on portion control!

Expanding the comparison table to show detailed information. Students can then compare factors like saturated fat, sugars, protein etc. and discuss the effect each has on the body. This information is particularly valuable in helping students understand why a specific food is a better choice - beyond one simply being ‘good’ and one ‘bad’.

This little-known Google tool is great for students of all ages. It can be used to compare all types of food and drink. We hope you find it useful in your classroom!


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