Wednesday, 14 October 2015

University referencing in Google Docs with Paperpile

Many universities and colleges require the use of in-text referencing when writing papers. This can be challenging if you’re writing your paper in Google Docs, as most of the referencing tools available only provide footnote referencing. One tool which does provide in-text citations is Paperpile.

Paperpile is available as a free Google Docs add-on, letting you search for, insert and manage your in-text citations and reference list. It’s also available as a feature rich web-based reference management tool, starting at $2.99/month (with 30 day free trial). You can learn more about Paperpile’s features here.

This add-on is a must to check-out if you’re writing papers that require in-text referencing! Drafting your papers in Google Docs has the added advantage of cloud-based storage (taking care of the backup for you) and easy collaboration.

How do I get it?

Follow the steps below to install the Paperpile add-on into Google Docs.
1. Open a Google Doc.
2. Click the Add-ons menu > Get add-ons.
3. Search for Paperpile (top right corner).
4. Locate Paperpile in the list and click the +FREE button

5. Grant permission for Paperpile to integrate with Drive.
Tip: If you do not see the grant permissions box, the pop-up may have been blocked by your browser. Look for the pop-up blocked message and allow the pop-up.

How do I use it?

Adding in-text references

1. Type the content that you need to add a reference for.
2. Insert your cursor where you want to add the in-text citation.
3. Click the Add-ons menu > Paperpile > Manage citations. The Paperpile add-on will open in a pane the right of the screen.

4. Select your referencing style (i.e. APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA etc.) from the drop-down box at the bottom of the Paperpile pane.

4. Search for the reference you need by entering the title, authors, keywords, year, DOI or PubMed ID in the search box. You can also search for a website by entering the URL.

5. Locate the correct search result. Hover over the result and click the Cite button.

The in-text citation will be added as a hyperlink at the current location of your cursor. The hyperlink formatting will be removed when you generate a reference list. Learn how to do this in the next section.

Creating a reference list

To create your list, click the Update citations & bibliography button at the bottom of the Paperpile pane.  If you add or remove more references, simply click the button again to update the list.

Editing references

All references in the current document are shown in the Paperpile pane. To edit a reference’s data, simply click on the reference and select the Edit data link.
Tip: If you don’t see a list of your references in the pane, try clearing the search results by click the X in the search box.

The Edit Details box for the selected reference will open in a new tab. Make the required changes and click Save.

This is just a quick overview of some of the basic features of the Paperpile add-on. To learn more, check out this Cheat Sheet and the Paperpile forum.

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