Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The best way to find files in Google Drive

Do you spend lots of time drilling down through your folder structure to find files in Google Drive? If you’re nodding, read on to learn how to find your files quicker and easier.

Google Drive includes the power of Google search. This is the best way to find your files in Google Drive. The search feature looks for keywords in the title and contents of files - including PDFs and documents you’ve uploaded. This means you don’t need to even remember what your file is called to be able to find it.

You can conduct a basic search by simply typing your keyword in the search box. Drive will immediately  begin suggesting suitable results. Press Enter or click the Search button to see a full list of results.

Drive search also includes several advanced features to help you pinpoint the right file even quicker.

Click the small grey arrow on the right of the search box to access advanced search options. From here you can choose the type and ownership of the file you’re seeking.

There are also numerous search operators you can use in the search box. For example, to find all documents with the word ‘speedy’ in them created after September 1st, you would use the following operator:

Here are a few more useful search operators to get you started. A full list is available in this Google Drive help centre article.

OperatorWhat it finds
owner:Files owned by a particular person
title:Files with the keyword in the title
to:Files you have shared with a particular person
OR   Files containing at least one of the words
e.g. tips OR tricks
Minus sign ( - )  Files that do not have the keyword
e.g. tips -gmail

With these searching tips, you’ll never have to dig through your file structure again!


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