Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Create drop-down lists in Google Sheets

If you’ve got multiple people entering data into a Google Sheet. it can be helpful to give them a list of pre-defined values to pick from. For example, a list of locations, classes, teachers, software, dates etc. This keeps data entry consistent and makes it very easy to sort or filter the sheet based on a specific value.

Here’s what such a list might look like:

Sound good? Here’s how to create your own list:

1. Select the cell(s) you want to create the list in.

2. Select the Data menu > Validation.

3. Click the drop-down box next to Criteria and select List of items.

4. Enter the values you want to appear in the list, separated by commas.

5. Choose if you want to reject values other than those in the list, or just warn users the value is invalid.

6. Click Save.

Your drop-down list will be added to the cell! To make the list box appear in other cells (e.g. the ones below or above), click in the cell and then click and drag the blue box in the bottom right-hand corner to fill up or down.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Three sites with 100% free images

If you or your students are looking for some great images for a website, blog, report or assignment, be sure to try out the three sites below. All feature high-quality images that are 100% free for commercial and non-commercial use. They also have good searching capabilities, minimal advertising, easy to use interfaces and do not require registration. This makes them perfect for students and educators alike!


The ever-popular Pixabay features over 510,00 photos, illustrations and vector graphics in 24 different categories. All are completely royalty-free, with no attribution required.  Make use of the advanced search feature to quickly find an image that suits your needs (click on All images next to the search box to access the advanced search).

Tip: Be aware that the first row of search results contains paid images from Shutterstock, so be sure to avoid these if you’re looking for free content.


Pexels specialises in stock photography, with over 4500 images in their library.  10 new photos are added every day. You can search by keyword, browse through popular photos or use one of the 24 categories. All Pexel’s images are also completely royalty-free, with no attribution required.

Photos for Class / Photos for Work

Photos for Class and Photos for Work are different versions of the same tool, both featuring high-quality photos. Photos for Class includes only age-appropriate images. All the photos in both tools are licensed by Creative Commons for public use, with the attribution automatically added to images upon download.

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